Monday, October 5, 2009

An Interns "To Do List" (Brian at Aldea)

(Note: interested in being an intern at one of our homes? Our interns teach skills and provide invaluable loving care for the children. But it is work! Here is Brian's to do list...)

To do this week:

-Prepare houses, sheets, showers, meal schedule, etc for volunteers who are to come this next week.
-Meal schedule especially for next month since Margarita will be out on vacaciones for the month of September.
-run classes as requirements (phys ed, dance, English, career prep)
-create resume guide and interview tips for kids on paper for career prep
-Translate and print out copies of each recipe in Carpeta for Tías in Aldea
-Birthday party for Aldea on the 28th
-Games for English class like Imitations, long-term projects the kids can work on by themselves and rewards for completing hard goals.
Pass off English verbs 20 at a time to only have to meet with kids 5 times to reach 100 memorized and mastered verbs. Which verbs?
- To make, to do
- To should
- To want
- To eat
- To sleep
- To laugh
- To love
- To be and to be (ser and estar in Esp)

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