Friday, January 1, 2010

the little bug expedition - day two (pam)

I'm so tired ... I don't know how I will get an email written tonight. I shouldn't be tired, I haven't done much. For me it has been an enjoyable day ... sleeping in at the Manhattan Inn and getting to know the people in the expedition group. I feel bad for Cameron (our fearless leader) as he had to go back and forth to the Lima airport all night and early morning to gather up group who were arriving.

This afternoon, we all flew to Cajamarca (north of Peru) where we will stay for a few days to work on El Bichito (Little Bug) drop-in center where children are fed on their way to school or on their way home from school. We will go there tomorrow, and then I will be able to tell you more about it.

Cajamarca is a beautiful city, much like Cusco that sits in a lush mountainous valley. Wayne and I thought we had died and gone to Heaven when we arrived at the Hotel Laguna Seca. We've never stayed in anything so nice in Peru. It's an old hacienda converted into a hotel ... one level ... lush and spacious grounds .... and most importantly, hot springs ... lovely "non-stinky" hot springs outside in the courtyard, and lovely "non-stinky" hot springs in the bathroom. Wayne and I couldn't wait to get in hot springs so we threw our suitcases in our room and jumped in the warm pool outside. You can't imagine what it does for me to leave the snow and the frigid temperatures to jump in a pool in a soothing climate.

Tonight, we took a shuttle to the plaza where we all had dinner together. After, we walked around the plaza that was decorated for Christmas. There were people everywhere. I especially liked the large nativity scene in the center. Typically, the Peruvians leave their decorations up until January 6 which is a holy day called Epiphany. You'll have to search that one on the internet. Well, that's all for tonight. I've got to go to sleep. Pam

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