Friday, September 3, 2010

Career Day & Health Day (Hubers)

In the last few weeks we've started "Career Day" and "Health Day", usually once a week. Chris and Kimball invited a friend who works in the local mine to talk to the kids about career options. The next week we brought a tour guide. They taught the kids about the importance of getting an education, and then finding a job, and told them about their profession. It was the first time the the older kids (16-18) stayed after eating. Usually only the younger kids stay, but this time the older boys were really interested and learned a lot.

Jared and I did a Health Day last week, where we taught the kids about personal hygiene, fitness, etc, and then gave the children a toothbrush and showed them how to use it. Jared used his computer to give a slide-show presentation. They loved it! The next health day is going to be about visiting the doctor, because a lot of the families in the country are afraid of hospitals. We'll keep you posted!

The Hubers

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