Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Juan Carlos the Funny Guy (Kathryn)

March 27 post from Kathryn, an intern at La Aldea Infantil.

This week I ate in casa 5 which is basically all of the older boys
between ages 11 to 17. It is a fun house to eat with because the boys
are always cracking jokes and doing something entertaining. Juan
Carlos, a boy about 15 years old is probably the most entertaining and
funny guy in the house. Every time I see him he always smiles and has
some new trick to tell me or a new joke to tell. He works hard from
5:00am to around 4:00pm every day at his job in Trujillo. Though I can always tell he is
tired when he gets home, he always makes time to play with the younger
kids and uplift others around him. Juan has already learned the value
of hard works and having a good attitude, which will help him in the
future ahead.

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