Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mr. Mom (Natalie)

March 27 post from Natalie, an intern at La Aldea Infantil.

Daniel is a sweetheart! I ate in house 10 this week and he made sure
to personally take care of me. That house is full, so if we all eat at
the same time there isn't enough room at the table. One of the days I
got there a little bit late and they were already eating. Daniel got
really excited for me to be there, but then noticed that there was no
silverware left so he got up, walked to the kitchen, and washed his
spoon for me to use. He handed me the spoon but then quickly took it
back because he wanted to dry it for me. We walked into the room to go
eat and he became all worried because there was no seat for me. He
immediately offered me his seat and it took a lot of convincing to get
him to sit back down at the table while I ate in the other room. He
kept turning around and checking on me to see if I liked the food and
see if I needed anything else. He would look at me, mumble something,
then give me a big thumbs up. It was the cutest thing! Every time I see
him he hollers my name and beckons me over to ask me where I'm eating
and some other random question. I love my Mr. Mom.

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